Chapter II: Strasbourg

I'm abroad for a year and when I return I shall be thoroughly cosmopolitan and inimitably debonair. Germany-France-Russia

I haven’t posted in a while because things have been both very interesting and time consuming. The week at work was fairly dead as none of our “students” turned up but the weekend made up for it and then some.

Last weekend my flatmate (Judith) and I travelled to Wiesbaden to meet her sisters: The lovely Anne (the two of us could later be found singing the “Joyful, Joyful” song from Sister Act 2 in her car) and Eva (whom I’d before when she came to help out at the youth festival that Judith organised). We strolled through the beautiful parks of the city and saw the world’s largest cuckoo clock before arriving at the theatre. We sat beneath a window for a while listening to a beautiful soprano practising and then moved onto Starbucks where we met the most charming barista I’ve ever encountered who offered us drinks in flavours like Toblerone and After Eight. Other notable happenings included eating Spätzle for the first time and losing spectacularly at Risk.

The next day I woke up in Mainz at Thilo’s place. Thilo is a friend of Judith’s and I spent the next day wandering around Mainz with him seeing the sights. We saw the Gutenbergmuseum, the Schagallfenster and the cathedral and I learnt about the Mainzelmännchen from ZDF. Judith, Anne and I then took the afternoon to drive to Guntersblum and I spent the whole journey hanging out of the window in awe at the scenery of sweeping vineyards and vast farms which stretched all the way back to obscurity at the horizon. When we arrived there was the whole family (and then some) to meet and greet and we eat and drank and were merry. And merriment was abundant indeed as in the town that night was the infamous Kellerwegfest where wine makers and merchants peddled their tasty, alcoholic fare.

Then back to reality. Work again. And the week was possibly worse than the one before. Four out of the five days, Julia (the German intern) and I, sat in the office answering all of two phone calls a day. On Thursday however Julia had to be somewhere else so I was left alone to handle the calls. But the most depressing thing of all is that soon…very soon in fact…my time in Koblenz (and Andernach) will be at an end and I’ll be moving on to Strasbourg.

2 years ago